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Xbox Game Rack, 12v Switch box, Acrylic Keyring and Gate Stop

Teaching myself Illustrator (old CS5 version) and becoming au fait with the Emblaser 2


This gate stop was a customisable 3d model from Thingiverse which I edited and put through the free Slicer For Fusion360.
It works ok for our gappy gate, but I wouldn’t recommend a stepped wedge for doors… 3mm ply with polyurethane




Small Xbox Games 6x holder for a desk - 3mm Melamine sided MDF.
These finger jointed boxes are probably the first thing laser cutting newbies make - but still fun and useful.
Anyone with OCD wil notice that the shelves on the right are upside down… Doh!!

I used this site to get the rough size and joints, then modified in Illustrator: http://jeromeleary.com/laser/



Tiny box holding a ceiling mounted 12volt lighting switch in shed. 3mm Melamine sided MDF


Jeep Grille keyring. Three colours - First cuts/test with 3mm Acrylic


Other things I have already posted about previously: