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WOW - Absolutely Incredible - LightBurn and Emblaser2

Thank you so much.

I bought one of the upgrades to lightburn and I have to say its night and day different.

Id been wanting to do some custom coasters, yet the tool flow from vector editing to burning

was incredibly painful. 

Using lightburn I did 3 varients in two hours, including burning several trials and then producing several finished product.

The built in vector editor makes life so much better than using the complexity of Illustrator.

Second, the built-in tracing is some of the best I’ve seen.

But the best part is the tight machine control and the good profiles.

With the coasters it was just engraving, now I’m working on my soji lamp design, and its full cutting.

Prevously cutting with em2 was a multi-pass process that hardly was successful. 

Using Laserweb, it cuts clean thru my 3mm low quality plywood light butter. 

And the optimization is really nice as well.

EM2 plus light burn is just incredible.


Make sure you check out the new training videos we have just linked to: