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Workspace Camera progress

Even though the workspace camera software is not quite ready, we just couldn’t hold back from showing you the amazing progress the LightBurn team has been making.

The left side image below shows the view from the workspace camera mounted in your Emblaser 2. The one on the right shows the result of lens distortion removed.


The following image on the right shows simulating the camera looking straight down onto the workspace.


Ultimately, this ‘top-down’ view will be displayed in the LightBurn workspace, allowing you to position your material or artwork together.

For clarity, the gray images on the right are the result of processing now built into LightBurn itself - they aren’t faked with PhotoShop or any other foolishness.

Domenic wasn’t initially convinced, so I wrote on an envelope and captured the result during a progress chat - you can see the message quite clearly in the re-projected image on the right. The bulk of the hard maths work has been sorted through. With that done we’re now building up the real UI and filling in some of the bits that are taped together to get it going. It will still take some time to ready it for proper release, but the progress is exciting.

LOL… The results were better than we were expecting when you first showed us.

We will never doubt you again!

WOW, this is cool

This is fantastic news. I can’t wait for the release. Keep up the great work LightBurn.

Is this something that could translate over to the RD controller type machines? Even if it required the purchase of a web camera and an extension lead to the computer running LightBurn, it would be of great value.

Fred - The intention is to make this available for other devices as well, yes. The Emblaser version will be pre-configured for their camera, so it will be simpler to make use of, but there will be a calibration process included to get it to work with other hardware.

Splendid news!

I too would love it to be available for a RD controller. Looking to get CO2 laser soon.




Would we be able to use this feature with the E1 too if we use a webcam?



Any machine and any webcam should work with this, yes.

The camera would have to be mounted in such a way that it couldn’t move relative to the bed of the machine, or you’d need to re-do the camera to bed calibration.

LightBurn has been updated to contain the initial release of the workspace camera support. Update to LB 6.06 for this feature.

PLESE NOTE: this feature is still in ‘beta’ and will undergo more development in the coming weeks. If you are not up for some fiddling, we recommend holding off until the next iteration has been released.

Ultimately, the ‘calibration’ process will be simplified, requiring less user input.

Here is the documentation for testing this version: LINK

This is sooooo cool. Couldnt wait to try it, dont have a working printer and couldnt wait so had to get inventive and cut out chessboard pattern stencil in paper and then put it on mdf and spraypainted in black. Lol, 

did notice though, in the instructions, it shows you can pick E2 camera but that is not in the list, only PC camera.

is this because i clicked the “check for updates” in lightburn and it updated with a generic version and I should actually be updating software from the link on darkly website?


We had the manufacturer rename our camera part way through last year. PC Camera and E2 Camera should be the same.

There is only a single version of LightBurn - The different license keys we sell are what differentiates the feature set and devices, so the Check for Updates feature is fine.

If your E2 is connected and powered, and you don’t have another camera, that will likely be it, though Domenic may have more to say here.  Regarding the chessboard, it’s important to get the dimensions and tile count correct or the calibration will be off or won’t work at all. Just a warning in case your results are odd.

I followed the steps for Camera Calibration and I believe i have successfully completed the camera calibration. See below images:

Note that the bottom right mat was damaged in an earlier mishap and it isnt a camera distortion of some kind.


However, when I click “Get Chessboard” in the Camera Console, the chessboard isnt across the entire lightburn edit area (see below image)

Am I missing something? Is there anything I could do to correct this?



I get the same too  Joel

I was also getting some weird captures along the way like this sometimes with it  having an an impossible angle

Cameron - that looks like an image captured with the default calibration info, before doing any calibration on yours, so that’s not unexpected.

We have ordered a few different camera modules and will try to reproduce and fix the issues reported.

Domenic reported a similar issue yesterday with the workspace not showing the full capture. I haven’t seen that before, so I’m not sure what the issue is. It’s possibly related to a capture size issue, but I won’t know until I can reproduce it, or collect some info from customers experiencing the issue.

Ould have anything to do with the console window. I noticed in your instruction photos the console window has the word streaming in it but mine just says port ooened waiting for response