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Working Distance on E2 and camera

Domenic - Can you give me an idea of the gap between the laser and the work piece?  The EM1 was pretty small (1 or 2mm), didn’t know if the EM2 had a larger working distance since the head can move to cut deeper.  I have an application where I need to mark a plate, but it has threaded studs press fitted that prevented it from working in the EM1.  

With all the delays was actually planning on canceling my order and moving to a full CO2 setup pending the final bank approval this morning.  So now back to seeing if the EM2 still fits the bill and if the LaserWeb software is as disappointing as it seems.  Any news on the camera function?



Hi Wayne,

There is approximately 50mm clearance between the bottom of the laser unit and the workpiece. With the air-assist installed, this comes down to approximately 10mm.

We are still working on implementing the workspace camera functionality into Laserweb and will release the update when complete.

Hi Wayne,

I have spoken to our dispatch and your machine is awaiting dispatch.

If you wish to cancel your order then you have very limited time before it is booked for collection and leaves our facility.

Please let us know how you wish to proceed.

Domenic - we’re good. With the air assit removed I can clear the mounted hardware. Hopefully the Laserweb bugs and camera get addressed in the near term. I know everyone is working hard, but hoped being this far behind things would be a bit more polished.


We would definitely like to hear about these bugs you are discovering in Laserweb. The only way we can address them is with specific feedback from customers.