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Workflow questions

I have an older media PC that is running Win7 ok… Not sure of its specs off the top of my head. Thinking of using it as the Emblaser2 head so that my production can go without my design work getting in the way. Is there something I should watch for in this regard. Are there specific computer hardware requirements to run the software?

I assume I can run the Emblaser2 machine right off something like cut2D etc? I will be passing my designs from Maya out to vector and processed in Illustrator before the file is passed to the cutter. I would want to create saved cutting jobs that can be selected, when kit stock is requiring manufacture. I haven’t seen the Darkly Labs software so forgive me for asking what might be obvious. But I asume I can save the file with the cut and engrave pass layers along with setting presets ready to go for quick selection once I have it dialled in for specific project and material?

Will keep hunting around for more info.

Hi Brooke,

You should not need anything very powerful to control the Emblaser. If it can run Win7 then you should have no problems controlling the E2.

The Emblaser 2 software is called LaserWeb. It is run through a Chrome browser and will let you save your setups for quick reloading and reusing. We are getting closer with a beta release version.

It will also contain a material database where you can save presets for all your materials to quickly call up again at any time.


Awesome! Thanks. Does that come with it? Or is that an accessory?

Laserweb is supplied with the E2.


Having issues with the PC I planed to use for the E2. Do have a spare macbook. Will the software run on mac as well?


Great… Again.