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Wire Spools

Nothing really exciting here, but figured I’d post it just to show that the laser can be used for generic utility stuff not just art. I have eight 100 foot coils of Cat5e (more like 100 foot knots of cable) that need to be fished through the roof and walls.  So a quick cut of 3mm ply on the  EM2 to make some flanges, some PVC pipe and 5min epoxy and problem solved!  Of course it takes about a half hour to untangle the cable and another half hour to wind it properly, but it was cheaper and faster then sending it all back. And deploying is now a breeze, toss the spool on the end of a bar clamp and pull without tangles.

Flexibe and elegant!



That’s a good idea. I want to make something to wind and store our fairy lights which are still in the front yard being all Christmassy into March…