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Windows 10 spec for cut2d


Hello Dominic,

I have an emblaser 1 that I have been using and am very happy with the product. I run it from my home laptop that is core I7 with 12 mg ram and 1 terrabit hard driv. Processor speed is 2.2 gh.


I need to keep the dust from the workshop from entering the cooling ports and rather than shift the computer each time out to the workshop I would like to have a modest windows all in one computer set up in a dust proof box that will run cut2d and vtransfer only. I am thinking of composing the toolpaths on the home laptop (clean environment) and transferring the .crv and .nc file via a wireless network to the workskop computer.

Can you advise if the workshop computer whose specs are Windows 10, celeron processor, 1.6mhz , 32mb hard drive, with1 usb3 port and 2 usb2 ports is sufficient to power the cut2 d software and vtransfer.

I am concerned with the speed of the processor and transfer rate for the usb ports. The small Hard drive is not a problem as I expect to only have 1 or two files on the workshop computer at any time.


Also what would be the cost of a licence for cut2D and vTransfer for the second computer. I notice in the licence agreement that I can install the software on up to 3 machines at the sam time BUT Not run any more than 1 machine at a time.

Hope you can help


John Tomley


Hi John,

I have a similarly specced i7 powered 17 inch laptop but got tired lugging it outside with the laser cutter when cutting things, so I bought a cheap 11 inch Acer Aspire notebook with specs pretty much as you are looking at - 1.6Ghz celeron, 4gb ram, 32gb harddrive (of which only 10GB is available -  thanks Windows 10). It has no problem running Cut-lser 2D to do cutting, I haven’t tried pic engrave yet.


Just make sure that you disable the power saving settings for the screen display because when the screen goes black the laser stops…

Like you are planning, I create projects on the big laptop then transfer it to the notebook via wifi.

I have run cutting software on some very old slow discarded laptops in my workshop and they all have done the job. I use a drop box folder and have networked my PC’s using a TPlink power line extender.  (Too far for direct WiFi)  I also run two Emblasers off the one PC simultaneously with no issue.

As well as Chris’s tip to disable power settings also disable the option in device manager that allows the PC to power off usb hub. Has to be done for each hub.




Re read my post…It’s early in the morning…using the power line as a wireless extender. 

Just thought of another tip…I also use Teamviewer (Free software) on the PC’s so I can emulate the workshop PC in the house and vice virca. ( I also run a CNC router so can watch what’s happening from inside the house)  Add the option of a wireless web cam in the workshop…it never ends. :slight_smile:

Thanks to all who replied. It made my decision to go for the cheaper version of computer easier. 

My wireless connection is positioned so that it can service the whole of the building so I will use it to transfer the files to the workshop computer and run them from that one. It means that I can be close by when the laser is operating. I can enclose the computer in a dust proof box and only need the mouse to be accessible.

Thanks for the tip about turning off the usb connection. 

On occasion  I have had the laser stop for no apparent reason. i will restart on its own and sometimes does not burn a hole in the job. I assumed it was transfer rate via the usb, but now maybe it has been the usb shutting down.

John Tomley