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Wifi Disconnecting: "No supported firmware detected"

I just received my Emblaser, and I managed to run a first job using USB. I also managed to configure the E2 for Wifi. 

However, I cannot figure out how to connect LaswerWeb to the E2, as there is no information about this anywhere. 

  • I have the E2’s IP (
  • I tried “telnet” as method, but this always fails (connection refused if  I do it manually)
  • I tried ESP8266 (trial and error - no mention anywhere about this protocol) using IP => fails
  • Same as above, but with port 81 (, as mentioned somewhere in this forum => connects, but disconnects after 10s with “No supported firmware detected” (I have the latest FW and LaserWeb versions).
  • Tried from a browser, which yields “Not found: /”

Can anyone help me?

  • Daniel

I am under the impression that WiFi is still buggy and not officially working yet.