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Why is cleaning the lens so hard?

Sorry for the vent but the whole process of cleaning the lens is way too hard to the point that I feel like I have an expensive useless box. 

The first minor issue is struggling to reattach the air-assist module as the rubber tube keeps getting in the way.

The killer is trying to undo the small screw that goes into the heat sink. You can’t easily see what’s going on & I’ve just spent 15 minutes trying to get the hex tool into the screw.

Who designed & tested this? Why not have it on the side of the heat sink & why not use a bigger size? 


At the moment I can’t recommend the emblaser 2 as it’s just not practical.

Don’t give up on the E2, it is all a learning curve. I used to find lens cleaning a PITA to do, but now it is easy, you just have to get the hang of it. Are you following the latest updated instructions forlens cleaning?

Make sure you use the silver hex key.

I use a small mirror and small torch to help with viewing where to put the hex key.


I second Martin’s comments - well mostly, if you are in the US and use a small torch you’ll set it on fire:) According to Laserweb I have about 60 hours of laser time logged on my machine and have only done the deep cleaning twice.  The first time it took a while going back and forth between the instructions and the machine, second time the process was much easier with the except the new air assist nozzle was a bit of a pain. The second time it wasn’t needed, I just thought I should (the new air assist nozzle is supposed to help protect the lens some from exposure.

The deep cleaning process wasn’t something that Darkly expected us to have to do so the machine wasn’t designed for it.  Personally I think the exhaust fan is way to underpowered to remove the smoke that’s inside the machine and the particulate matter floating around is somewhat to blame.  I added a 120mm high static computer fan at my window to help draw out the smoke from the pipe I plugged the EM2 hose into, but I still see smoke hanging around inside. Not sure if a bigger fan would work better or if the EM2 needs more intake holes. Without the extra fan my machine was a smoky cloud inside.

Thanks Martin, Wayne, appreciate the support / encouragement. I bought a longer allen key & that made the process a lot easier but now I’ve hit a new snag. When I run the calibration g-code only some portions of the pattern are cut out. Any thoughts?

Is the air assist nozzle aligned properly and not obscuring the beam partially?

To rule this out, run the calibration without the air assist nozzle fitted, if it cuts ok then the nozzle alignment is the suspect I would say.