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Where to get Transfer Paper?

What transfer paper do you use on the back of mdf or ply to stop burn marks?
I would like to get something that is laser safe.

Happy to buy from anywhere

I use a product from US Cutter called RTape 4075, a high-tack paper product. I had previously purchased a lower strength adhesive from the same location, but found it lacked sufficient strength to tolerate the heat of the laser.


You suggest to use it on the back of the wood. I’m using it on the top, but primarily on a CO2 laser and have no experience with it on an Emblaser. I suspect using it on the top would reduce the power remaining to cut the item.



Thanks for the reply Fred.

That is comparatively cheap too

I’m going to use it on the back to try and prevent scorch marks

I’m in the sign business and have lots of various width rolls of transfer/application tape on hand for applying vinyl but I’ve never thought of using it with the emblaser to help with cutting. Because of this thread I gave it a try yesterday to cut some wood veneers and was pleasantly surprised. I applied it to the back/down side and it definitely prevented any burn marks on the underside and what surprised me the most was that it didn’t get cut through like the veneer did. It kept all the smaller bits of the veneer being cut together and peeled off easy enough afterwards.

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Hey Tom, did you end up pursuing this? I was wondering what transfer paper you ended up using and if you had a link.

I ended up getting
$77.95 AUD

From trotec.com.au

Here’s their supplies site

Thanks Tom, Had success with it? Does the medium tack come off ok or does it leave residue? I’ve heard people have success using it front and back. Prevents hot spots on rear apparently. I’d think front would be good to prevent smoke etc and still allow the cuts to be painted.

I have only used it on the back and it does a good job of reducing hot spots and scorch marks.
Seems to peel off nicely - but I wouldn’t leave it on for a month before trying to peel it off.
So yes, I have had success with it.

I haven’t experimented much with the pros and cons of the transfer paper as I am a weekend warrior with the E2 and am also usually cutting 3mm MDF to make moulds that then are cast in silicon and ultimately bronze resin.
So it’s rare that my stuff needs to look pretty.