Where does other end of air assist live?

I received an alarm lock error and decided that it was time to clean my fans internally. I’ve pulled them apart and they seem reasonably clean, not enough to presumably trigger the heat sensor, but who knows.

I’m 76, have severely arthritic fingers and have never tinkered with electronics. I struggled but finally managed to clean the two smaller fans then had great difficulty removing the 5 bolts which hold the back plate but after several hours have removed all five. Goodness knows how I’ll go getting them back on. It didn’t help that I needlessly took off a V1 air assist and then didn’t have enough hands to hold it when I had to put it back on. Grrrrrrrr. Thank goodness for painters tape, to use as a holding hand.

Inside the orifice for the back plate is the end of the air pump and I did not recall seeing it when I removed the back plate so wonder whether it should sit loosely inside (there are air slits) or if it sits loosely outside of it. I have linked to a video – could you please advise?



Re-reading my question this morning I realise that maybe the air hose fits inside the air assist. Before I take it off, is that so?

Hi Elayne,

The Air Assist Intake Hose sits inside of the electronics enclosure at the rear of the machine.
It does not have a specific location and should just be placed where there is room around the cables. Air will flow in through the various ports on the enclosure.

Note: You can remove the small Filter from the end of the Air Hose if you choose to. We have found this to be un-necessary and no longer include it on new machines.

The Exhaust Fan appears to be in ok condition. I recommend cleaning between the fins with a mascara wand/brush to loosen any buildup, if you have not already. We generally suggest replacing the Fans every 4 to 6 months.

Please let me know if there is anything further I can assist you with.

~ Lliam

LATER: I’m thinking that the air pump hose must sit inside the back plate as there is no other room for it to exit from the back of the Emblaser. If so, does it sit above the power cut-out?

Hi Elayne,

I just wanted to confirm that the Air Assist Intake Hose sits loosely inside the rear electronics enclosure.

~ Lliam

“… the Air Assist Intake Hose sits loosely inside the rear electronics enclosure.”

Thanks Lliam, as always. Wish me luck getting the bolts back on. I guess it will be ok/safe to connect everything and turn on to check that I haven’t overlooked anything, BEFORE bolting the back plate on? Of course I’ll unplug and disconnect the power before finally re-attaching the plate. ’

Hi Elayne,

No problem!
Yes - this is OK to do, though be aware that the exposed electronics do pose a potential risk, also please ensure that the Controller Board is not resting on anything conductive.

~ Lliam

Success …… well, sort of. I eventually lined up and placed 4 of the 5 bolts I had removed. One fell behind the air pump, never to again see the light of day. Actually, I think it has gone to live with a lot of socks which have left home. If you happen to know the sizes of these bolts and the corresponding washers I’ll order some, as I’m bound to lose some again.

I had totally forgotten that the installation instructions said to replace the fans every 4-6 months and am pleased that I got 3 years out of them (and still going strong?). I’ll include a set in my order for the new lens and lid.

Thank you Lliam

Hi Elayne,

The Fans can certainly last longer than this depending on a number of factors such as the environment the machine is operating in, materials used, hours of operation, cleaning schedule, etc. (as you have proven).

Fans can reduce in efficiency over time and should be checked for proper function regularly - particularly the Laser Unit Fan. This will prevent the Diode from overheating, which can cause a permanent drop in performance.