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When to use protective eyewear?

Hi all,

Being new to home lasers (Emblaser 1), when is protective eyewear is necessary?

Do you need them if cutting paper or wood?

Can you look at the spot of the beam on paper safely without the eyewear?

Do you only need to wear the eyewear if cutting reflective, or beam splitting material?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!


You need to wear the protective eyewear every time the laser is on ( even when calibrating)
Even the reflected laser rays could be harmful to anyone in the vicinity who can see the blue light of the laser.



Thank you! I plan on building the downloadable enclosure plans you have available on your site through a local acrylic fabricator. Cost is around $150. Is the eyewear necessary with the enclosure?


Hi Joel,

Although the enclosure will go a long way to increasing the safety, they are usually not made with proper laser safety rated plastic.

If you are working around your machine, we always recommend using the protective eyewear.