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Wedding gift idea


i use the Emblaser for my wedding photography work, giving the finished project in engraved wooden boxes.

I was thinking to step up the game a little bit and give a tiny personalized gift to the bride and the groom, but it has to be cheap for me to produce and still look good for them. 

What popped into my mind was a leather keychain, with their wedding date on one side and the name of my studio on the other ( marketing is always a good idea ) so the first question I have is, does the Emblaser engrave on leather?

Second, besides the leather keychain, do you have any suggestions on what else could make a great gift for them ? 

Yes the emblaser 1 can engrave leather. There are some nice examples and posts about doing that. Search on this forum and the archives for engraving leather to find them.

Trotec has some keyrings that engrave easy: