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Warning - new Air Assist

Hi everyone,

So i got the new Air Assist nozzle and it was miles better than the other one, and as it turns out, a bit too good.

i was cutting some foam trays out of a sheet of black foam (25mm) which i had done before with the previous air assist and it works fine.

i put in a cut with the exact same specs but with the new air assist, and… a fire started in the machine!

my only guess is that the more powerful air stoked the small embers you get from the cut and it went off, melted the lid a bit, killed the air assist hose, made the FFG ribbon brittle, melted the housing of the laser a bit and seems to have done damage to the laser lens.

it still works but its really weak, so i am talking with Dom and the team to get it fixed.

now it might be just a random event, but i thought i would warn everyone if you happen to be cutting foam sheets.




Thanks for the warning - I’ve bought but not installed the new air-assist nozzle and I’ll keep in mind the difference.