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I have been a long time lurker on this forum, waiting until I had a project good enough to show before posting.
Then I realised that I’ve had my Emblaser 2 since 2017 and haven’t posted anything at all.
So here is a random dump of some of the things I have been doing with it.

Unless otherwise specified, the designs and art used in these projects were not created by me, and all projects were for personal use.

LED Lantern
This was a quick weekend project from design to finished product.
It uses 3mm poplar ply with a teak stain, and vellum for the interior (although plain printer paper worked well too).
I purchased some cheap LED tealights from eBay, so that I wouldn’t have to worry about it catching alight.

Light Card Engraving
I was experimenting with variable low-power engraves on different card stocks when I stumbled across this.
Using a fast, low power pass the card would turn white, whereas a little more power resulted in the darker lines.
There wasn’t really any other variability that I could get with other settings, but this was a neat find.

Slate Coaster
Picked some of these up from Daiso, and they engrave easy, but the contrast is very poor unless you catch the light.
I tried using some mineral oil on another piece, but wasn’t a fan of the glossy look it gave.

Comic Dice Tower
This was a bit of an experimental project, but I love the way it came out.
One idea I wanted to try was to avoid the tabbed box look that is present in a lot of lasercut designs.
I did this for the interior of the box by doing a 1mm deep engrave on each interior wall, and cutting the insert 2mm wider to slot in to the gaps.
This worked well, but was quite fiddly to assemble, the result though is an unblemished surface on the exterior of the box.
For the art (Hellboy comics by Mike Mignola), I took the approach of engraving all of the outlines of the elements in the image, and then filling in the colours with markers.
I found that the ink from the markers would readily soak in to the wood, but the engraves provided a good boundary to reduce bleed into other areas.
I also used this technique to give each face a border that was the same width as the material, so that the tabs were less noticeable.

Game Points Counter
Gears are fun, what more can I say?

Miniature Axe Prop
Not a huge project, but using a laser to quickly cut out a base shape before carving greatly sped up the process.

Acrylic Sign
This is yellow acrylic that had a mask applied. I cut out the various sections, but only peeled away the mask for the black sections.
Then I used black spray paint to cover the piece, and when dry, removed the rest of the masking. The red was added using a permanent marker.

Kirigami Card
This was cut out of plain printer paper, and then folded to achieve the popup card effect.
If I was to do this again, using a thicker cardstock would be a must, as well as lightly scoring the fold lines.

Aluminium Hive Set
Hive is a neat little 2 player strategy game, and I can’t help but keep making new sets of it.
This set is made from some anodized aluminium tiles, which the emblaser was just able to mark.
I used ink to fill the engraves on the light pieces. The dark pieces were just spray painted prior to engraving.

Game Characters
Variable power engraving, and correction fluid for the eyes.

Mustache Beer Identifiers
The stands were made using variable power engraving on corrugated cardboard.
The mustaches are made from painted wood. For the clip to attach them to the neck of the bottle, I originally used wood, but found that it snapped too easily.
A few adjustments to the design, and switching to acrylic gave it more durability.

Chopping Board Engrave

Skull Set
Skull is a great quick and easy party game. This set was made from wood, with colour added to the skulls and roses to give the reveal some pop.

Acrylic Hive Set
Another Hive set, this one re-themed based on the Alien movies. Made from acrylic, with a custom bag, and sneaky Xenomorph!

Carcassonne Set
More markers on wood, more game pieces, I sense a theme here.

Essential Oils Rack
A small project to house small bottles.

Thanks for making it this far! One of the things that I love about having a laser cutter is the variety of applications it has.
I still have plans to play around with acrylic some more, as well as try out some projects with leather, canvas and glass.

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Absolutely amazing work, Daniel!

Absolutely fantastic, Daniel. You’ve gone to a lot of effort. Very nice. Thanks for sharing your ideas :slight_smile:

Very impressive. Thanks for sharing.

Very nice, I especially like your coloured stuff. Well done