Upgrading laser on KS emblaser


Has anyone replaced the original laser head to a higher wattage one? I have an emblaser from the kickstarter.


Hi Evaristo,
We have not heard of anyone changing the laser diode, but that doesn’t mean someone hasn’t experimented with this.

We are close to releasing a 10W laser unit for the Emblaser2 & Core machines. Since the Emblaser1 is discontinued, we do not have plans on offering a retro-fit option for it.

Although theoretically the Emblaser1 controller could power the new 10W laser unit, other elements in the system, such as the FFC, which transfers the power to the diode, need testing to ensure they are suitable.


Thank you for the response, I found in the user manual where I can set the various current levels. I am now trying to figure out is this 12 or 24 volt? I am wondering as many of the modules I can find are either one of those.

I decided to start my research as I wasn’t happy with my diode anymore, so in the process of swapping out to the “new” one (diode module 3w) from when I originally got my kickstarter reward, I broke my left side carriage but luckily I found my original modified file. So all fixed up now and just trying to see how far I can take it now.