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Upgrade Emblazer 1 to 2?

I have the E1, is it possible to get an upgrade to some functionality for E2?


Once the E2 is released we are hoping to adopt the new laser unit to fit the E1. This will provide the updated optics system and new laser diode.

Potentially the air-assist will be able to work with the E1 as well.


Do you happen to have a time frame for this?

I am looking to upgrade my E1 as well. I will however be purchasing the Emblaser ugprade kit, but will wait if these will be out soon.



At the moment it is looking like Feb-Mar 2017 before these will be retro-fitted to the E1.

I’d be very interested in an upgraded diode & air assist upgrade for an Emblazer 1.  Do you have any update on the progress?

Hi Keith,

No updates yet.

We are just entering the manufacturing phase for the E2, which has absorbed the whole teams time up to now.


Domenic. Where you guys at with this? Has been a year now. I see that there are some new parts but am also looking for the air assist, spare belting and maybe even the 4 watt diode.



Hi Russell,

We have unfortunately not progressed with retro-fitting Emblaser 2 technology to the Emblaser 1.

Is this still in the works?

HI Russell,

This is no longer in the works.

There was too much different between the two machines that made it impossible to retro fit the optics and controller.

Since this time we have released the Emblaser Core, which is the replacement for the Emblaser1, with all the Emblaser2 performance.