Upgrade Emblaser 1 with Emblaser Core 5 watt diode laser?

Hi all. I recently ordered the 10 watt laser upgrade for my Emblaser Core (wishes do come true). I have an old Emblaser 1 unit as well and was wondering if it’s possible to move the 5 watt laser over to that frame? If so, what would I need to make that happen?

Theoretically you could, but you would not be getting the same performance as an Emblaser 2/Core.

The maximum current the Emblaser 1 controller can deliver is 3.0 amps, so you will not be getting the same power output as on an Emblaser 2/Core, but it will work.

You will have to make a suitable mount and then change the 5watt laser connector to one that will plug into the Emblaser 1 laser board.