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Upgrade: E1 Geared Laser Mount

Adjusting the height of the laser on the Emblaser 1 can be quite difficult. By default, the mount is a friction fit and must be forced up or down by hand. This works well for the most part, but if trying to cut through a material at the maximum thickness, fine adjustments are difficult due to gantry flex.

This design adds a rack gear to the mount, and spur gears to the laser extrusion. This allows the spur gears to be turned by hand to raise and lower the laser height very accurately. A shortened fan mount is included to suit.


This design is not compatible with the standard safety cover. It depresses the micro switch to keep the laser primed as if the standard cover was in place. I will release a modified safety cover in future, although I currently don’t use it.

2 x M3x12mm screws are required to attach the gear clips to the laser extrusion. If the parts are printed accurately, they will press against the extrusion enough to stop the clip from sliding, but not prevent the gear from turning.

All files and further details here:



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That’s a great looking modification. My module went from being too tight to being too loose. Somewhere in this forum is a 3D printed mod I created. It uses a single adjuster screw to limit how far the module can fall, but isn’t quite as rigidly mounted as your design.

You could develop a couple marks on the gear to match specific material thickness as well.

I saw your one and was close to printing it until I realised I didn’t have the threaded insert on hand. 

I think etching or sticking on a ruler and pointer as you suggest would be an excellent addition.

Nice looking mod.

My only suggestion would be to try and retain as much of the shroud holding the fan. This plays a very big role in helping the air-flow remain in contact with the heatsink as long as possible. We spent quite some time designing this in to ensure sufficient cooling for the diode.



Michael Laws, the threaded insert was included because I had it on hand, but I think it’s severe overkill. It’s not like the forces on the laser module are going to strip out the adjusting bolt even if only threaded into a hold in the plastic. Of course, no threaded insert means the need for a tap to cut the threads in the plastic, or a self-threading screw. Half of one, six dozen of the other, I suppose.

My standard laser mount was pretty stiff. I could imagine turning the screw flexing the mount instead of raising it. It’s nice that people in this community have a choice of two upgrades if they wish to go down that path.

Planning to do a lot more to my E1 over the coming months, looking to forward to sharing here.