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Updating firmware

Hey all,

I am trying to update the firmware on my Emblaser 2, and for some reason, whenever I try following the instructions (by using Lightburn 0.9.07) and I get a message saying : 


Starting firmware update

Do not power off your E2 or disconnect


error:Unsupported command - upbin

LB: Upload failed


Any idea how to resolve this ? Because I am hoping that it also resolves the random problem that seems to be occurring, when in the middle of the job it then just re-homes and beeps until you turn it off. The console doesn’t give any error codes. 


Thanks :slight_smile:

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This would be the case if you had the original firmware installed on the machine.

This first update needs to be manually performed (not via LightBurn).

Follow the steps in this article (particularly Step 2)


If you are still having a problem, please create a support ticket so we can assist you directly.


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Awesome, thanks, gave that a try and it worked, then updated the firmware with Lighburn and that also took it successfully.


Thanks ! 

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