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Update on Emblaser 2?

Anymore updates??

Here is a status update:

  • Started production and ramping up accordingly.
  • Software progressing well and approaching beta.
  • Australian and USA electrical approvals in place. Europe still in progress.
  • Slight delay on the custom packaging to ensure safe delivery of the E2, but should be resolved shortly.
  • Documentation in progress.
  • Still planning to begin shipping customer orders before the end of Feb.

We really want to thank customers for their patience. Ensuring customers receive a great product is paramount to us and this phase in our production is important to ensure this.

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Can we please get a release date? Situation is getting a bit rediculouse. As a business start up I have questions to answer and this wishy washy stuff doesn’t cut it. Worried I might loose my business backing and support soon. Some people think I’ve been conned. I of course state this isn’t your first product etc. Bit tired of defending you and it’s hard when I am starting wonder as well. I won’t be doing pre orders again, with anyone, not worth the discount.

Thanks for the update Domenic - very thorough and concise summary of where you are at with production.  As a very happy customer of the E1, i cannot wait (actually… i can wait!) to test the new E2.  I would much rather receive a great finished product with few teething problems than one that has been rushed out before it is ready.  What is a bit “rediculouse” is that people would start a business based on a machine that is not even in production yet!  The discount is for that very reason - you take a chance that it may take longer than expected for release, or there will be teething issues when it is released.  Darkly Labs did not force anyone to pre-order their product - it was the individuals choice.  If having an operating laser cutter at a certain time was your priority, go with a product that is already in production - there are lots of laser cutters out there designed for commercial use!


Keep up the great work Darkly Labs and thanks for your hard work in the design and production on what is going to be a great laser cutter!



Thanks for the update Domenic.

I can imagine that having to deal with all those 3rd parties - Government authorities,  software vendors, packaging designers and so on - makes it hard to pin down an exact shipping date.

(Just look at glowforge, original expected shipping date 2015, now it’ll be July/Aug 2017!)

Firstly, I didn’t mean any offence.

It’s not rediculouse to have started a business because you are assuming I started my business because of the E2. No, during my prep I analysed several options of machines. I selected E2 ahead of release because of it being an Australian company product. Additionally I elected the E2 over the available E1 because of concerns about ventilation and cutting specs. 

The business will go ahead regardless. It’s just potensually harder at the start. All I ask is a date I can give. That doesn’t rule out Darkley’s need or right to postpone. But it does give me something quantative to put on record to keep people happy. I’m not implying they rush it out at all. I am asking for real information to calm my neysayers. The problem is, when there is information and statements indicatong and stating clearly the machine is all but done, time-frames like later this month are in contrast with eachother. The responce is, “Is it about to come out or not?” I find that hard to defend… 


I’m also itching to use the E2. It’s close!

4 days left of February (2 if we talking about work days). How is the “February Delivery” going?

And just to be clear, I don’t care if it is another 3 months. What has been done in such a short period of time is amazing and having purchased an Ultimaker 2 (stock) and gone down the line of upgrading the nozzle, feeder and fans only to replace the entire carriage to upgrade the system to an ultimaker 2+ (which is awesome FYI) only to have the Ultimaker 3 of my dreams released a few months later and bitter disappointment and countless hours spent with my now obsolete (still awesome) machine missing a major feature that can’t be installed retrospectively.

Don’t release until finished, polished and exceedingly awesome and never say all new features in the future will be installable retrospectively just to meet a delivery date unless it truly can…ever…especially when a major feature you talk about is stated that way only to disappoint 50-90% of you followers / users.

We would rather wait and have the feature on it than wait and find out you couldn’t make it “bolt on” or “firmware incompatible” later.

Keep up the awesomness guys. Just a little more free flowing info rather than us randomly having to ask. Bi-weekly should suffice ^-^ especially when the delivery month is slipping by without too many updates, even if it is only “managed to assemble 8 lenses since monday” or "and then had a pallet of screws fall over in the car park…sorry, it’s gonna take Bruce a week and his job is bed alignment so the first 6 will be another week away cause damn thats a lot of screws and we ordered exactly the right number @.@.




Slightly neurotic ^-^

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Hey Ho,  Just looking for an update.  Any machines ship yet?  Anxious to get my Emblaser 2 and play!!  Thanks

We just created a new discussion where we will be posting more regular updates.

See here: https://darklylabs.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115001155948-Emblaser-2-Manufacturing-Progress?page=1#community_comment_115001059427

As always, we really appreciate everyone’s patience and can reassure them machines are being shipped, slowly at the moment but ramping up nicely.