Twin beam laser module

Following the post july18 in problems and support and the subsequent reply from darkly, I came across the neje 15 watt twin beam laser module. The lahobbyguy has a prelininary test and it look to be a possible development for diode lasers. Has anyone researched this topic or is it all marketing hype

Hi John,

There is a lot of mis-information out there regarding laser power. Some claims are technically inaccurate while others are plain incorrect. For instance, many ‘questionable’ suppliers never actually measure the actual laser power of their units. This requires specialised equipment and is not cheap. They will make claims of a certain power, but neither test this, allow for losses through optics and most importantly, test the reliability of running diode based systems at that power.

Darkly has always been very careful with its claims and stand by its laser units with a 3 year warranty. We do perform proper testing of laser power with specialised equipment and not only for a few seconds, but for extended time periods and in varying temperature conditions.

Spot size claims are also very misleading by some suppliers. Measuring an actual laser’s spot size is a very difficult process and once again required specialised equipment for real results.

Having said all that, we are close to releasing a power boost laser unit. It will be approximately 12W of ‘true’ laser power that reaches your material. It will be compatible with the Emblaser range. It will have a very small spot size, which helps concentrate the available power even more.

I recommend waiting a little longer until we release our next laser unit.


thanks for that information. I will wait for the release of the new laser module and hope that the extra power will allow for thicker timber to be cut. Whilst the existing power available on the core allows me to use the softer and less dense timbers ,any extra power may just be enough for some of the other timbers I like to use.
Kepp up the development of this excellent laser machine


Will that “power boost laser unit” be retrofitable to the Emblaser 2 or will we be required to purchase a whole new unit? If I missed this information in any previous discussion, my apologizes.

Hi Patrick,

The higher power unit will be a replacement laser unit.

You will basically unplug and remove the existing laser and replace it with the new one. No electronics need to be changed.

Looking forward to it. Sign me up!