"Trying" to upgrade to LightBurn

Hi Folks:

I purchased my Emblaser A3 back in 2016 and have been using it with picengrave pro successfully. I’m interested in trying out Liteburn but have been having some problems getting the software and hardware to work together successfully.

I did see the article here:

and I believe that my machine is configured properly.

My setup ‘almost’ works. I have been troubleshooting with the folks at Liteburn and they suggested the issue may be more with the Emblaser than their software.

Here is a brief description of what is happening:

  1. When powering on, the emblaser correctly homes itself

  2. Drawing a single rectangle within Liteburn and hitting ‘Start’ seems to execute properly

  3. Drawing a second rectangle also executes correctly

  4. Adding a third rectangle and hitting ‘Start’ results in the Emblaser properly executing moves for the first two rectangles and stopping before moving on to the third.

  5. Deleting all but the first rectangle and adding an oval results in the machine moving thru the first rectangle, continuing on to the beginning of the oval and executing a very brief move along the oval before stopping

Of note: ‘framing’ any of the above combinations of images results in the expected motion of the machine around the perimeter of the extents of all the elements.

I have created a video (8 mins) that shows the problem, it is posted here:

I would greatly appreciate any troubleshooting suggestions.

Thanks in advance for your help.


I just received an email from Liam of the customer support team. It turns out that the issue was that I did indeed have the wrong firmware installed on my device.

The error was completely mine. On the support page where the instructions clearly state to download the most recent firmware, I mistakenly downloaded the *.hex file at the top of the page - which was NOT the most recent.

As usual if I had simply read AND FOLLOWED the directions properly there would have been no issue.

Thank you to Liam and the Darkly Labs team for the great support!

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Glad to have helped out Ed!

We’d love to see what your making with your Emblaser 1 if you ever feel like sharing your work with the Darkly Labs Community.