Troubles with wood burning

I recently started using my laser again after 5 or so months of not using it. The first photo is when I first noticed the issue. it wasn’t too bad so I haven’t changed anything but today as you can see in the other 3 photos i cant get it to not burn. Ive made plenty of those pendants and even thinner before on the current settings. Any idea whats causing this

settings are CUT 200mm/min 100% air assist 2 passes 1.50 Z offset

Hi Joel,

Thanks for posting!

Can you check that your Air Assist is performing correctly? If the Hose is kinked/blocked or the Air Pump itself is not performing at specification, this could contribute to the issue.

You can use the following commands in the Console tab to control the Air Assist:
Air Assist ON: M08
Air Assist OFF: M09

So to turn on the Air Assist you would type “M08” then press enter.

It turns on and off. I ran a test circle and paused it to see if it was blowing and it is

I just did another pendant and the front side is fine but then the back has one spot of bad burns.
could this be something with my mats or something to do with the air assist maybe cutting in and out while running

Hi Joel,
There could be a number of things causing this. The air-assist should not be turning on & off during a cut, so that is something that needs to be looked into.

The mats could also be causing some burning on the underside of the material, especially with a design like yours with thin sections.A way to eliminate this is to support the material off the base (or mats) with some spacers. If you leave about 1cm below the material, you will get cleaner results. Don’t forget to adjust your ‘support’ setting in LightBurn if you do this.

You can also try our new cutting tray or MagClips to get better underside results.

We sometimes see issues like this when the power is set too high or the speed too low. You can try making increasing the number of passes and the speed to see whether it makes a difference.

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By turned off and on I meant from using M08 and M09. I just paused it while it ran a circle to make sure the air assist was going on. I’ll look at those clips and play around with the settings.

Thank you

Let us know if you have no improvement.

You are also welcome to email or DM us the file you are cutting ( and we can test the result on one of our machines.