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Trembling with excitement. First projects?

After literally MONTHS of adding to the cart and not buying, I finally clicked the check-out button and could not be more excited for the Emblaser 2.  I’ve read all of the recent updates on the other threads so no need to waste time pasting that here as a response, I just want to let the community know im stoked to start cutting and engraving anything I can fit into the unit!  I know I cant be the only one that wants this more than they want Christmas to come.

What is everyone’s first project?  For me, the first thing i’ll be sending through will be some ‘carbon fiber’ vinyl to make some stickers with followed by some 3form Acrylic and resin for some coasters.   Excited to hear/see what comes down the pipe!

Brendan - beware of cutting vinyl based products with the laser, its generally not recommend because of the toxic fumes.



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It’s gonna be my first laser, so first i will experiment and do some tests i guess. When i know how to use it, i have plenty of pendant designs, and other crazy stuff awaiting! Here’s few concepts. The cat is gonna be a wall clock.

Work in progress. Lots of joints to get through still. Bit concerned that my tolerances can’t be adjusted after the modelling stage. If I had the machine my prototyping could begin. Otherwise I’ll have to go over these 150 odd parts… 

Will the fume extractor handle vinyl fumes safely?

Wayne, thanks for the heads up on vinyl.  Didnt even think of that.   Appreciate the heads up.  


everyone else - looks like you have some good stuff going!  It’ll be fun to compare what we’re thinking up now to what it’ll actually look like!

Yes it will be exciting to see results. I’m putting a lot of effort. It will look slightly different because it’s not done yet. Estimate about 75% done with final part shape and fitting pass. Will no doubt be changes as a result of physical prototyping pass. This will be the first of many for sale in near future.