Transfer tape/film

Hi, I have been experimenting with cutting glossy mylar film on an emblaser core. I need to mask the surface with a “Paper” tape to prevent reflection back into the lense. I also need a low tack adhesive for easy removal after cutting.
Has anyone got a brand or supplier for this type of materia. Best located in Australia

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I would recommend checking with Rowmark. I am not sure they specifically have mylar, but they do have some metalic materials that may be suitable.

I had a look through our samples box and found a few metalic materials that may be of interest.

Hope that helps,

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Hi there Darkly team :blush:

I noticed that on Rowmark website they have a list of laser settings for each of the laser material they sell, on different laser cutting machines or may be the most popular ones… but nothing about the emblaser 2, though they have lots of materials we can cut & engrave :laughing:.

I’m sure you’ve grabbed a sample of each already & tried them all.

So we are asking if it’s possible to share the different materials settings with us all (emblaser community & facebook group) as well as the Rowmark team so they can publish it on their website please. I’ve the sample pack & l’m one of many lost what to try on what :see_no_evil: … especially the leatherette settings.

Thanks in advance for the support :+1:t2:

Hi Mimz_Jay,

We do have some of these settings for Rowmark materials. Give me a few days to compile and post them.


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Awesome, thanks :blush: can’t wait to :smile:


I have created a topic with the material results we have tested internally.

It can be found here:
Material Test Results