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Tool Shadow Foam

During the holiday break I worked on fixing up my tool area at work so things stop getting borrowed and misplaced.  I traced all my tools, scanned in the outlines, redrew and then laid all the drawers out.  There were 8 drawers to do and it was easy to do in inkscape by naming the layers what was going to be in each drawer until everything was finished.  Brought the layers in to LightBurn to do the final layouts which included a 2mm offset so nothing was too snug.  The foam didn’t lay perfectly flat in the EM2, but a couple of magnets and washers along the edge did the trick. I had to play some games with the settings but came up with 300mm/min, 2 passes with a 1.5mm step and air assist.  I set the material to 7mm thick, even though it is 13mm.  Each foam sheet took about 30 mins to cut. The foam was 5S Supply brand is available on Amazon (stick with the black top sheet since black is always easier to cut).

Great project Wayne.

The only drawback is that it highlights how disorganised my tools are!