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To air assist or not to air assist?

Hi all,

I’ve mentioned this to Domenic but I’ll throw it out there. 

How much does difference does air assist make to your cutting? Has anyone done any comparisons between, with and, without air assist?

I started using the E2 at the beginning of March. The first week of March I used air assist, I found I could just about cut through 3mm laser friendly poplar ply on 2 passes at 2.1mm per second 100% power. (A bit slow?)

Last week I turned off air assist (wow, it’s so quiet!) and I found the performance was not impaired in the slightest. Isn’t this a bit odd? It makes me wonder if there is a problem with my air assist.

I’m loving the E2 and the results I’m getting, it’s just a bit slower than I’d hoped for.




I rarely use air assist, mainly because my main cutting is on paper, card and chipboard and the air assist blows the stuff about. It is quieter without it and I haven’t noticed any difference in cutting.