Tip: Two-Point Rotate / Scale Tool

Note: This tool was introduced in LightBurn version 1.0

Recently I was designing an object with several mating tabs and slots. At one point, I needed a tab on an angled edge to line up with a slot in another part.


Instead of attempting to manually rotate the lower shape until the two edges are parallel, the best way to ensure accurate alignment is to use the Two-Point Rotate / Scale tool from the Arrange menu, as shown below:

  1. Align the shape to rotate with the centre of rotation snapped to the edge of the static shape.

  2. With the part to rotate selected, choose: Arrange > Two-Point Rotate / Scale or Ctrl+2

  3. Click the point you wish to use at the centre of rotation (usually the point the shapes contact each other).

  4. Next click and drag the second point until the alignment snaps to the edge you wish to match.

With this done, any edits to tab size, position, etc can be made with relation to the other part to ensure the match perfectly.

Here is a short gif from LightBurn showing the basic process:

If you’re ever unsure of the steps when using a tool like this, check out the bottom of the LightBurn window, which shows tips:

You can also use this tool to scale the item to align by holding the Shift key during step 4.