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Tiny screws

Small wood /self-tapping screws:

I’ve searched for hours, can anyone point me to a reliable supplier of screws no longer than 3mm?

Countersunk or pan head, brass is better, but steel will do.

I know they exist because I have one in my collection out of something I pulled apart.

Trying to build some models etc where a fixing more positive than glue is useful.

Do they have to be self tapping at that length or can you cut the threads and then use a regular machine screw? I found a ton of little screws on watch repair sites but they are more like machine then self tapping.  I did find this little guy on McMaster, not sure the holding power with just a thread or two.  One last idea, is threaded brass inserts.  I use the heat set ones in my 3D prints and acrylic, press them in with a hot soldering iron.

Thank you, Wayne!

Yes, self tappers are desirable. I laser cut 1.6mm holes to give me precise locations, then add a drop of super glue.

I’ve never heard of threaded inserts. Can you give some supply details, please?

Brass 2mm machine screws work well and are easy to trim back. Again, a little superglue before using the thread-tap and before putting the bolt in makes it work, but not as well as a countersunk wood-screw.

I’m making board games for grandkids: little boxes with hinged lids are a plus, and nice fittings help the eye candy effect

I use the #2 and #4 ones from McMaster all the time in my 3D prints.  Most of the time don’t worry about the tapered holes they recommend, I usually just split the difference.  When you are setting them with the soldering iron, make sure you have a small screw driver close by, if your soldering iron is in sad shape like mine, they can get hung up on the tip and come out.  Before switching to these, I used to cut out a hex shape that was a tiny bit smaller then a nut and heat set them in or add a drop of glue and wack’m with a hammer if it was wood. 

Thanks Wayne, I’ll check that out.