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Three Brothers (Take 2)

I made this for my daughter using the same vectors from the lampshade. I used three different colors of tissue paper and translucent vellum. All that sandwiched between two pieces of glass. Drilled holes in both pieces of glass and screwed it together. I don’t recall the exact settings, but it was pretty quick, tissue paper cuts easily.  The only difficult part was drilling the glass.  (There is a rather bright light behind the artwork)

If interested in the glass drilling, keep reading; if not there is nothing for you to see here, please keep moving. :slight_smile:

I used a diamond coated 1/4" bit on 1/8" glass.  I used plumber’s putty to make a little dam around each hole.  This particular style of bit doesn’t have a center point so it walks around quite a bit.  What I did was to start the bit at a severe angle on the edge of the hole.  Once I got it started I filled the dammed area with water.  Placed the bit back in the groove I made and slowly worked it up to vertical.  This takes a long time, I used no pressure on the drill.  Just the weight of the drill is all you need.  Once the water runs out you are done.




Hi Mathew,

That looks great.

Thanks for sharing and the extra info too (i kept reading!)