Thickness of material in material test

Hi, I have been trying out the material test function under laser tools and whilst I can set the parameters for the test to run ,i cant find the setting for the thickness of the material being worked with in the test generator .Also where is the saved preset stored on the computer as I am thinking of copying the preset from my design station to the work computer.
I hope I have explained my question clarly

I believe this is designed to work for lasers that don’t adjust their heights automatically like the Emblaser.
It probably works on the manual height that the laser has been set to.

Maybe Lliam can run a few tests and give us some more info on whether this is the case OR if there is something I have missed.

Also, we should request LB to add the material and support thicknesses to this tool.

Ok, so my understanding was that the Materials Test wizard used the values from the Cuts / Layers tab. Running a few tests this morning I can confirm that this is the case.

All this means is that you have to set these values before opening the wizard.

Presets are saved to the LightBurn preferences folder, which you can find via the menu bar in LightBurn: Help > Open prefs folder then open the ‘presets’ subfolder and you should see a list of your saved presets.

You can also use the Export and Import buttons in the Wizard to make transferring presets easier.

I will be looking into how these wizards work with the Emblaser over the next week. If you (or anyone else) has any questions or comments please let me know!

Hi Lliam,
Thanks for the response,
I have been experimenting with the material test wizard and have some observations that you may like to consider. They are not critisms but my experience with using the wizard. Not to block up this post I can send the result of my tests via the help email account and you can deciede later if they warrant posting on the forum.

further test on the material test wizard show that it can perform many variations of cutting and engraving.
It is an excellent tool to eliminate the trial and error of selecting the right settings for either cuts or fill.
My only suggestion would be if you could enter the support height and material thickness from inside the wizard. All other settings can be entered via the “EDIT material settings”
Whilst you can pre enter these values before using the wizard ,its easy to forget to do this first before selecting the material test .

Hi John,

Happy for you to post your thoughts, images, suggestions here.

It’s feedback like yours that allows us to learn of how our customers would like to use the software.


Further test using the “Material test wizard” show that after setting up a test for my various types of timber, i notice that if I change the position of the test piece on the bed (Changing the X and Y positions) and save the preset, that when the preset is opened is does not keep the new positions but rather the “DEFAULT”.
Here is a test setup for varying thickness of timber (2 - 5 mm thick) that I use to determine the number of passes and power to cut completely through.
I then keep each test cut for each species in a box that I can refer to later when cutting a project

This is the cutting grid preview

When I receive the new 10 watt laser unit I will run the same test on the same material and compare the differences the new unit achieves.

The reason I use these settings is that these settings represent a range of acceptable settings that is practical for my work.

Thanks for the update.
@Lliam, pls check this and report to LightBurn as needed.