The Royal Game of Ur

The image shows the Royal Game of Ur that I made on my Emblazer Core.

This my version of a game that was found in the city of Ur in Mesopatamia and is about 4500 years old.

I discovered it on YouTube where there is some very interesting videos by Dr Iving Finkel from the British Museum, which is where the original is housed.

Mostly the box is made from 1.5 mm Laser Ply laminated together. The lid is 3 mm Laser Ply. The pieces for playing the game are made from 4 layers of 1.5 mm ply laminated, sanded and painted.

I cheated with the dice and bought 4 sided dice from a games shop and painted them to match the original.

Graham Jenkins


Love it. Great craftsmanship.

Beautiful work perfect colors