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The Laser head and guide rails doesn't move

We’ve been running some tests and all the sudden the emblaser 2 disconnected and stopped working.

We have air assist on and updated to the latest firmware and laserweb.

It connects now and laserweb indicates it’s running the job but the laser head remains still and no parts are moving.

Also when I turn off the machine and manually move the head for example to the middle and turn it back on again the head doesn’t default back to starting position and I don’t hear any beep confirming sounds like it used to.

Checked the outer connections and cables without opening up the back and everything seems to be in place.

Where would likely be the error?

Thank you

Is the laser enable button on (right hand side of the machine)
Is the Emblaser2 ‘connected’ in LaserWeb?
Is the Emblaser2 still connected to the PC via USB - not just physically?

I would restart both Emblaser2 and PC - that normally fixes software problems.