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The grace period is over

Hi everyone,

I’m getting a notification pop up when I open Lightburn or try to do anything in it saying, “the grace period is over.”

Apart from sounding rather ominus, and perhaps being the lyric to a song, what does this warning mean?

Looking through the forum, it seems I’m probably a few released behind where the software is now up to; maybe related?




Hi Nic,

This us normally caused by LightBurn not being able to connect to the license server and verify your license for some time.

The latest version of LightBurn has resolved this.

Use your Help/Check for updates to ensure you are using the latest version.


Thanks Domenic,

I’ll give that a crack and see if it goes away.



When it pops up, if you leave it for a moment so it can call the server, then just click “Ok”, usually that’s enough to clear it.  If your internet connectivity is poor where you have the laser computer you might do better with an offline activation, but this can also happen if you just haven’t used the software in a couple weeks.