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The Emblaser IKEA Enclosure :)

So my mrs commented about my use of the emblaser next to an open window and thought I would look at building an enclosure for it. 

My wood working skills are wanting so taking inspiration from a previous post of mine where I used a Komplement shelf from IKEA to replace the base board I wondered if more iKEA furniture could be the answer.

First I bought a new Komplement shelf which is 58 cm x 78cm and used the metal base plate to drill new holes for the emblaser to be mounted.  I attached legs to the bottom of the new base board as well.  The wooden dowels have been placed to stop the enclosure from moving about.

I used a Komplement drawer with a glass front for the bottom half of the enclosure and have stuck draught seals used for doors around the sides to help seal it when it is closed and cutting.  As you can see it fits in nicely.

My original plan was to use another shelf from the same range that was glass and put a simple bathroom extractor fan into the glass.  I had to bin this idea as it didn’t quite work the emblaser was too high to fit inside one drawer.

I bought another drawer and decide to flip it and use it as a hinged lid, I cut a hole for the fan and wired it up to a swtich on the side of the unit.

I attached the two together at the back using some sturdy metal hinges so I can open and close it after cutting.  I also purchased a pipe to attach to the end of the fan so air can be pulled away.  A nice brew helps with construction lol :slight_smile:

As you can see my first cut was one to mark out the limits of cutting space and I have blu-tacked small bolts in the corners to raise material away from the base board.  These seem to work pretty well.

It’s not quite finished yet as I can still smell burning when the unit is running so I guess I may have to do some sealing of the sides as there are some gaps.  I’m also waiting for some gas struts to arrive so that when I open the lid it can close softly.

More as it develops! :slight_smile:


Hi Daniel,
Nice enclosure!
With nuts as spacers, do you see cut pieces drop down as they are ready?
I am contemplating my 0,0 point and air extraction concerns.


Thanks Dan :slight_smile:

With thicker material I find I have to do one final pass on a very slow speed if I want it to pop out and fall down.


I find thicker bolts in the corners work best supported with blu tack in the middle so I can remove them if needed :slight_smile:

So the gas struts arrived and now the lid has some support :slight_smile:

Just need to do some more sealing and cutting can recommence :slight_smile:

A very small point - you’re best mounting the gas struts the other way up - the way they are at the moment, the seals will be liable to dry up, and fail prematurely.


Good job though!