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Thank you, Darkly Labs!

Mostly a shout out here to Darkly Labs for creating a laser within my price range, is a work horse, and allows me to run a successful side gig laser etching miscellaneous items. As you can see in the photos, I run the Emblaser 1 and have for quite a few years, last year recently purchasing the Emblaser Core. Both lasers are running optimally. The older model sitting atop my X-Carve when I’m not carving wood. 

If anyone is questioning buying the Emblaser, know that I’ve run these steadily for years on my Macs, have taken off the bottoms to laser tall items, and they operate in a dusty environment (I simply take an air compressor to blow off the dust when it gets too heavy). I’m a happy US customer. 

I hope some day as the tech becomes available, that I could purchase a higher watt laser diode and simply ‘upgrade’ one of my units. But as of now, these get me by. 

Thank you for your amazing product. Hope to see more in the coming years.



Thank you for the kind words.

Hearing this makes the whole Darkly team happy!