Suggested 10w settings?

I’ve been asked to engrave an Acacia cutting board for Christmas and don’t have a spare one to test settings for the new 10w laser.

I can’t afford to ruin the board and I can’t find any new library files as yet. Do you have any suggestions for settings?

Hi Elayne,

We have just released the 10W material library, but it is still a big risk running settings on a material without testing.

I have no experience with that type of material either.

All I can suggest is to run a test on another material that is close to the color and density first. That way you may pick up any problems.

Good Luck.

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As Domenic points out, this is very risky.

If I were tackling this job and no suitable equivalent was available for testing, I would do the following:

  1. Fix some material to the board in two seperate areas that will not be engraved (preferably opposite corners), in a stable but non-permanent way (using double-sided tape, etc.)
  2. Engrave a cross-hair onto each of the two pieces of material.

The above will allow you to use Print & Cut to re-align artwork if the board is moved. This method should not be relied upon, but it is the best backup available and has saved me a few times in the past.

Next, start engraving gradually with conservative settings, one pass at a time, ensuring the board is not moved when inspecting the results. You can always run another pass, but you can’t take one away!

Good luck!

Good idea Lliam.

I guess this will help if the engraving is too light. Another pass can be made even if the material has been moved.

Thanks guys, appreciated. Today is my first day of using the 10W so I might pass until I have more expertise.