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Sugar Sheet-Cake Decorating

I don’t get much time to spend on the laser, but this was a project that allowed me to have an excuse to play.  My son’s 4th birthday party was Paw Patrol themed.  Normally I’d do this with a few print outs and a razor knife but, lasers are way more fun! I had problems with the import/trace features, so I ended up redrawing the original logo in Inkscape. The material is Wilton Brand Sugar Sheets, used for cake decorating.  The colored ones were a joy to work with, the white was a horror story since it randomly reflects the beam. Cut fast and lowest power so the material doesn’t burn.  The toasted edges taste like a marshmallow toasted over a campfire, yum in small doses! The sheets are cut and stacked on each other to make the logo (the red is the only one inlayed).


Alignment marks: 1200mm/min, 25% power

Cutting: 1200mm/min, 50% power, 2 passes

Blue and Red :

Alignment marks: 1200mm/min, 30% power

Cutting: 1200mm/min, 50% power, 3 passes

Engraving the dots on the blue: 1000mm/min, 30% power, 0.010” step over


Random stuff happened 500mm/min to 1200mm/min, power from 20% to 100%.  Settled on 500mm/min, 40% power, but again in different areas of the sheet these didn’t work.

 Done on the 4W unit.


Great work Wayne.

You have now set the bar for all parents with an Emblaser!

Did you let the birthday boy eat your creation?


Thanks Domenic! It was a lot of fun doing it, of course now I have a list of potential orders for cake decorating from friends and family…

To answer your question birthday boy was already over dosed on sugar by the time it was cake time. His day, so he earned it.  The sugar crash was fun to watch later in the afternoon :slight_smile: