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Strange cutting process

I use Corel Draw X8 home edition to do design work or make adjustments to files.  I then export to a svg file to be brought into Lightburn. I’m working with a box design to get a feel for Lightburn process and capabilities. I have Lighburn set to run the parts of this file at 230 mm/min to cut 3.2 mm Birch Baltic ply with 3 passes.  I group the parts of the box design separately so that I can do them one at a time to make sure it cuts through.  Here is what I have observed.

 Lightburn will cut a small section, turn off the laser, back up and then burn the section again doing this 3 times then it moves     on.  Is this normal or is a setting not right.

 Lightburn will then do the above until it is about half way through, reverse direction and do the same sections again 3 times       making a total of 6 passes over each section.

Lightburn will then move to an untouched section of the design and do the same thing as above.

It seems to me that Lightburn should make 3 solid passes instead of doing little sections individually 3 times.Why it is duplicating cuts has got me perplexed as well. Am I misunderstanding or missing a Lightburn setting or is Corel Draw causing a problem.

I love Lightburn by the way.




It sounds like two things are happening: 1) your cut setting has a number of passes greater than one, and 2) you have duplicate art in your file.

If the file was originally a DXF, the pieces may be disconnected, in which case selecting them and using the “Auto Join” tool (Alt-J) should help make the cuts run smoother.

There is also a “Delete Duplicates” tool you can use to see if you have any of your graphics doubled up, or just un-group the file you imported (Ctrl-U) and click drag a couple pieces to see if there’s anything hiding underneath.

I have a similar issue with the cutting of small sections of a job. I note auto join (Alt-J) may sort this out. I checked out the help hotkeys within the software and note no mention of this function.  

Is there somewhere I can find the current suite of hotkey functionality? 



Hotkeys for tools are displayed next to the action in the menu - have a look at the edit, tools, and arrange menus to see the hotkeys assigned to those actions. Only the ones not listed in one of the menus are shown in the cheat-sheet in the app.

The file that was brought in was an svg file exported from Corel Draw but there were in fact duplicates…194 of them.  I also did the auto join.  When I have time I will try to run it again to see if works better.

Thanks for your help!