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Straight lines appear wavy

Hi there,

Here’s a pic of my engraving running at 20 mm/second.

Slowing the engraving down to 10 mm/second removed this effect, but is there anything I can do to mitigate the wavy effect while maintaining the same speed?

If not it’s cool, I’ll work around it. But I’d prefer to move fast.

Thanks in advance!!!

Hi Mac,
I had a similar issue. I found my lines stayed relatively straight less than 18mm/s. Probably best to do some trial and error to see what your happy with.
I’m not sure what causes it but seems to be a limitation of the machine.


I have asked the same thing and no one answered. I was wondering why a stright line cut is straight but a straight line engrave is wavy. I can only assume that at a higher cut power it is actually doing the same wavy ess but it is cutting further into the material so we just cant see it.

if you set your engrave at 20mm height, it gives a wider beam and wavyness is pretty much gone and if you set your height at 30mm, you can get a really dark even engrave (this is including the mats, so 3mm MDF on the mats.

attached pic has settings on it. 13mm is 10 cutting mats plus the 3mm MDF

50 is 50 % power 2k is 2000 as speed etc.

An interesting thing that no one answered as well is why at higher hieght above material, the engrave shifts up (this was engraved with with the bars being vertical)

as you can see in pic at higher height.

i would have thought that at a higher height, the beam being wider would mean it be the opposite, unless the laser head doesnt actuall raise stright up

I know my laser head does not sit perfectly vertical. So it won’t go up and down perfectly vertical.

When I look at the edge of cuts on 3mm material there is an obvious angle on some sections. Not 90°