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Stong burning smell and wafting smoke from Emblaser 2

I house my Emblaser 2 in a spare bedroom with the air ducted outside through a convenient window. I always clean the cabinet and lens immediately after finishing a project, or after a few hours of burning, whichever occurs first. Lately, whenever I use it I smell a STRONG burned wood odour and when I first open the lid immediately after burning I see blue smoke wafting in the top left and right corners.  It quickly dissipates but the smell lingers.  I always use Darkly laser ply 3mm.


The smell is starting to permeate the furnishings in the room and I’m worried that I’m overlooking something as I’ve previously happily used it for a couple of years without this happening.


Any thoughts?

Hi Elayne,

Thanks for posting on the Darkly Labs Community Site!

This sort of thing is usually a sign that the Exhaust Fan in the rear of the machine is either becoming blocked or otherwise obstructed, often by a buildup of dust/soot - or - the Fan may be beginning to fail. These fans do have a finite life and will need replacing from time to time.

You can access the Exhaust Fan from inside the machine, at the rear, if it only requires light cleaning. I recommend a mascara wand and careful vacuuming.

If the Fan is significantly blocked, you may need to remove the rear Electronics Pod for better access. It this case, these instructions will help you access the area: Emblaser 2: Replacing the Exhaust Fan
You can find replacements individually or in the Maintenance Kit on our web store.

It can also be that the machine is cutting out of focus, which produces more soot, though this is very noticeable in cut quality/width.

I hope that helps you to get to the bottom of this!
Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need any further assistance.


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Lliam you were correct;  the fan was totally clogged and I could not even see the fins.  Judicious scraping with a stiff mascara brush eventually cleared it and the burned odour has almost disappeared.  I noticed that there is less smoke staining on the upper surface, too.  I use 25mm magnets so don’t get much on the underside).  I have to admit ignorance to the existence of the fan, otherwise I would have included it in my cleaning routine.