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Squiggly wavy lines on engraves and laser offset with height

Trying to work out how to not getbthese squiggly wavy lines in engraves which are especially prominent on either edge, about 1cm,  of engraves. 

If by the way someone can explain why they are wayy and not just straight like an vector line it would be appreciated.

Anyway, so have speed up engrave and upped power to 100 to see what happened but even up to full speed of 6000 they are still present.

Then i thought raising the height of laser and defocussing the laser would give a better wider burn beam and presto, works great, but

when laser is set to 20mm and 30mm instead of the 3mm (13), there is a few mm offset from where engrave is supposed to start. How can this happen, the laser looks to be perpendicular and not on an angle and i would have thought that since beam is wider, it should actually be larger engrave than what would be with narrow beam.

pencil marks indicate power, speed then height

photos are on 3mm bunnings mdf, real nice dark burn engrave on 50% power, 2000 speed and 20mm height instead of 3mm(13)


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I would say 6000 is just too fast.
I don’t like watching mine engrave any faster than 2000 as I feel the stop/start of the motors is not nice ‘tool sympathy’ and it does wobble about a bit (probably on the belts)

Depends how dark you are trying to burn/engrave, but I’d be trying more like 900mm/min and 10%

It is on the standard raster/full using material database which is 2000. Slowing down to 900 will make them take so much longer but will try. Have always noticed it but never asked about it. All my fills consist of wavy lines, not straight like a vector. If it is speed, this would affect either side, which is does more, but for a long run they are still wavy not just a straight line. There is no reason why a long straight run should be wiggley/wavy

Perhaps try changing your line width to 0.1 rather than the standard 0.17

I was “laser fill” engraving small addresses onto leather keyring blanks tonight and at 0.17 I could see crosshatching like your photos. Much better when the lines are closer at 0.1

Hi Cameron,

I used to get the wavy lines too when I was engraving at 2500 mm/min.

Slowing the engrave to 1000 mm/min pretty much has eliminated this.
I also found that engraving at 45 degrees (diagonal) produced a better finish for what I was after.

Either way it is could to test and fiddle around with the settings to find what works best for you.



Thanks, i will try the 45 degree, see if that works, and slowing it down, although doing a big fill will take forever.

will fire it up on the weekend and try a few things out

no one has addressed the offset though that occurs when raising the laser. I will run a few jobs on the weekend to hopefully explain it better