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Spy Decoder Wheel

My kids love playing spy, which more often than not is them giggling while they try hide around the corner and running as soon as you spot them.  My oldest decided she wanted to leave secret notes to her brother.  Us old folks broke their code at first glance, it was just an alphabet shift by one letter but she came up with it on her own so kudos to her for coming up with it. Since they were having fun I thought I’d make it easier for them and make them there own secret spy decoder wheels.

They are about 3.5” round made from 1/8” ply for the top and bottom, a washer in between so it spins easily and that’s about it.  Simple little project to have some fun with. Engraving was 1000mm/min, 45% power, 0.15mm step over.

 A little self-promoting here, picture taken with my previous posted new phone holder but not sanded yet so the text is a bit fuzzy. No editing other then cropping to size.

 And the old way of putting it on the counter and mess with the ambient light, shadows and flash then add an auto adjust filter until I got something decent. I had already sanded it so the engraving is clear so its not an exact comparison, but my new stand was spot on!

Who’s the best dad ever? Making a spy decoder for your kids, using a laser cutter!

Excellent use of your phone stand holder. You need to come up with a cool name for that device.

Thanks Domenic - Quick, simple, fun for the kids! 

The projects area has been pretty light lately, have to start posting some of my stuff more often to get people active again. The phone holder gets the same name as every other project its a…“finally done”!