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"Splash" Burns?

So, not quite sure why this is happening (see picture). Using Laser Raster with the materials database provided by Darkly Labs, 13mm height on 3mm thick birch ply. It looks like the area around my cut areas are getting lasered as well?


This is a result of fumes from the cutting.

Do you have air-assist and have it activated during the engraving?

Some people place masking tape over the areas they want to engrave to protect the wood surface from this marking.

I am a woodworker that uses the E1 and E2 to support my hobby.  When I use the laser, I treat it as another cutting tool such as a bandsaw or jigsaw. That means, when I have completed the cut/engrave/fill using these tools, I know a certain amount of post processing is required to finish off.  If you sand your finished job off the E1/E2 with a flat sanding block and 320 grit sandpaper, it will do two things. Firstly, clean up the smoke on the surrounding timber and secondly sharpen the boundary area that has been cut/engraved. The end result - your work will look a lot more pleasing with a great finish. Don’t be concerned that you will sand away your fill work - it doesn’t happen when you use a flat sanding block.

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I have noticed that the grain direction of the ply can help too… if the laser rasters in the same direction of the woodgrain it will be worse.

if you raster against the grain it can be a lot cleaner.


But like Daryl said - i usually give it a quick sanding and then a dusting and it comes out looking great and feels great too.


I recall someone once mentioned wiping with white vinegar does a great job of removing this fume marking.