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Spiderman Cake and Cookies

The latest edition to the sugar sheet cutting birthday cakes for my kids.  It’s the same process as I’ve posted before, cutting the sugar sheet material and making a stack up to create the image.  This year it didn’t go so smoothly though.  Wilton must have changed the recipe when they changed the packaging. The old stuff I used before was much softer and cut smoothly with laser or knife, every sheet of this stuff was super brittle, broke if you looked at it funny and took a lot more power to cut. The black ended up having to be cut on a glass plate to make it work, which lead to the side effect of the sugar vapors making it stick to the glass and having to be cut off the glass by hand.  The spiders which were pressed into chocolate covered Oreos are about 1.25x1.5”.  The ones that survived being removed from the glass held great details – the fangs are tiny! 

As long as Scott and the other kid’s mums were impressed, it was worth it!


That’s fantastic work Wayne.

Absolutely love the layering technique you use. Reminds me of creating cell animation artwork.

This is “Gob-Stopper” material!

Is the sugar sheet the same as toffee? I.e. heat up sugar in a little water untill a brown, viscous liquid.

My teeth hurt!

The sugar sheet is more like pressed sugar crystals and isn’t sticky at all.  As long as its dry its solid but when you stick it on the frosting it will absorb the moisture and and somewhat melt into the cake so you can smooth it out. A little dab of water from a toothpick will glue the pieces together when making a design.  It doesn’t have much flavor but by the time the kids get to eating it (and boy do they all what a chunk of it!) they’ve already been pretty sugared up for the day so no one notices.   If you cut small shapes and eat them fresh off the laser, it tastes like a lightly toasted marshmallow (my wife has caught me munching on the scraps every time…).   

I wonder if a general catering supplier will have that? Or would it be a specialty baking goods supplier?

Wilton Brand Sugar Sheets over in the US is available at all the chain craft stores, Amazon and Walmart.

I have two old posts on a Paw Patrol cake and a Minion cake I did a couple years ago. If you zoom in on the Minion one, you can see the engraving I did on the blue to give his overalls stitching along the seams. So on non-white sugar sheet, you can engrave without cutting.