Spectrumark - Stainless

Hi All,
I’ve got a Emblazer2, 5W.

I’m trying to do the same project as listed here, Eye Chart on Stainless Steel - Darkly Labs

I’ve purchased the spectrumark starter kit which contains both red and black powders.

I’ve mixed them up as per instructions, painted down the stainless, and loaded the metal and project.

Off it went, but I stopped it after about 15 mins to see how it was going. (this was just a test to see if the spectumark would work) and while there was a VERY faint marking, it was very very faint.

Has anyone else seen/played with this project? had issues? Is it even possible with the 5w diode laser?


Hi Josh,

Thanks for posting on the Darkly Labs Community page!

Can you please provide some details about the material you are using and provide some images of both the Spectrumark application and the results you are currently achieving?

For this project, we used the aerosol version of Spectrumark which may allow for a thinner coating which could them impact the settings required. The above should help to determine this.