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Learning heaps about this machine. But I would like to make a specific request for a future revision of the driver PCB. It would be handy for it to have a Notification beep/sound to indicate either an unexpected stop and a job completion.


Hi Brook,

Thank you for the feedback.

The existing E2 PCB does have sound capabilities.

We have just implemented sounds that occur after the machine has successfully homed as well as when a job is finished. These will be available shortly when we release a new machine profile for Laserweb.

Alerts for a fault condition are more complicated to implement. This is something we have added to our list of enhancements.

Ok great.

Assuming the micro isn’t crashing it should be able to determine the motor drivers stopping e.g. no feedback or if there isn’t any feedback from the motor it could monitor the current the motor drivers are using. So un-expectant stop without receiving end of job code would be an error condition.


An independent circuit doing the monitoring would be able to monitor the micros non crash state and monitor motor/drivers and disable lazer as well. I am getting what appears to be PCP crashes and during this condition the laser is left active but in a non cutting state (faint dot). I would assume this might be directly required in safety requirements for AU, EU, US, JP standards etc?


Phew, I thought my machine had broken, I changed it over to a new laptop and updated the software. I heard two bleeps everytime a job had finished - very handy. Previously, my machine only made any noise when a mini bonfire started due to me using incorrect settings - so you can imagine how I felt when it bleeped today :)