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Something really useful

Finally I have one - made it on the E2.



Love it.
Little ones have been on my “to do” list for a while


Love these . 

Question - is the image of your laser burn or of a jpg just to show the idea. 


Hi John,


The image is from the completed job off the E2.  Poplar ply.





You are the master of text to get such a sharp image.  I take it you cleaned up the surface after burning .

The settings must be perfect for that job to get the serifs on the small text to cut so cleanly.

? settings used

Well done 


Thanks John,

Firstly, I use Cut2D-L as it always runs a final outline around the characters after conducting a text fill.

Secondly, in my opinion, you MUST sand your finished engraving with 320 grit.






Oh settings…25%power 500mm/min. 

Thanks Daryl,

I will give a similar project a try at those settings. Still bedding down my laser after the rebuild.


On another subject ,have you found a single line text that can be cut with the laser rather than the fill option.



All fonts can be cut as outlines or filled. Depends on toolpath selection.



I was going to reply earlier to this John, but i just didn’t get around to it.

Well done.

My question related to a font that was made from single lines rather than an outline. .For instance “Times Roman” can be filled with hatching and it will be a solid font coloured fo 10%  to 100 % black. It I engraved the same font as outline cuts only it would be an open face font, and be without any fill colour.

The advantage of an open face font is that it will cut quicker than one that is filled. I was wondering if there was a font available that is similar to say ARIAL or HELVETICA  that was constructed from single lines and not an outline. 

This could then be used for notations on a engraved plan of a object and it would speed up the process.

Hope I have explained this a bit better.

I will search the font librarys  to see if one is available



I did a quick search using The Google for “single line true type fonts” and came up with a couple. Maybe not particularly productive results, but even better was a somewhat poorly made video showing how to convert TrueType fonts to single line using CorelDraw. The video is less than 90 seconds and is less than clear, but enough information is visible to make the results workable.

 I thought it was Inkscape, but when I tried to duplicate the results, I could not find the “convert to bitmap” option in Inkscape.

With that in mind, I did a bit more searching and found this video:




It describes a plug-in for Inkscape that also requires the installation of Autotrace, but I’ve run into a snag understanding that process. I’m a big fan of Inkscape and hope to make this extension work, as it removes the limitation of single line fonts and turns any font into a single line version

OK Gotcha John,

I use single line fonts for that very purpose (labelling or quick engrave), mine are selectable in CUT2D-L.  Font options  TType or Single Line.  Below example of Helvetica Single Line font from this application.  I’m pretty sure you could download and install the require font(s).








I have come across some single line fonts that can be installed in the fonts directory on my computer. (Available to all app).

I notice that the font when used in cut2d , the toolpath has two directions it travels. (Basically two passes). Does your font have the same toolpath. and if not could you direct me to a place to download a font that has a single toolpath. 

It seems that the fonts used for cnc or plotters are different to TTF fonts and the cnc fonts have to be converted to the TTF format. Having a 2 pass toolpath it would negate their use as they  take twice as long to engrave,