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Some quick cut settings for E2

Finally had some time to play around with the E2 and sorry if too many posts but trying to get this forum going as it has been pretty quiet lately.

For those new to E2 lasering these quick and dirty cut speed might help you get going.


Trying to find an easy way to share the lightburn job files, hope this link works

http://wikisend.com/download/374094/testpattern3mm.zip (link only works for 7 days)

Bear in mind that this is setup to use for 3mm materials. both 2 pass and 3 pass runs have either 1.5 mm offset or 1 mm offset into the material so this wont work for other thickness materials.

Hope this helps someone. 


This sort of info is always helpful

Hi Cameron,

Any chance you could share the file again?

Trying to cut bunnings plywood and I don’t seem to be making much progress with getting a good cut.

Thanks James

Here you go, this is the 3mm material test cut


single pass cuts are set to cut at 1.5mm depth, 2 pass jobs are set to cut at 1mm depth then 2mm depth and the three pass cuts are set at .5, 1.5 and 2.5mm depth.

I find the Bunnings MDF here in Darwin is actually 3.2mm so double check your material and change material height if necessary


Here is one for 1mm material


1pass cuts are set at .5mm depth, 2 pass cuts are set at .25 and .75mm depth and 3 pass cuts are set at .3mm, .6mm and .9mm, .

May as well use the ability to adjust z height of laser with the material to maximize the cutting.

if there are errors in it let me know and I can fix and re share

and here is a 6mm one


1 pass cuts are set at 3mm, 2 pass cuts at 2mm and 4mm depth and 3 pass cuts are set at 1mm, 3mm and 5mm depth.


Thanks Cam, much appreciated.

Used the settings and got the 3mm ply to finally cut through.


Hey James, good stuff. Did you get similar results as the pic at the top. Interestingly is that my cuts have been really poor lately and failing to get through material anwhere close to what I did before…but…since the latest update, my cuts are back to normal

3mm bunnings went ok for the test and the next cut, however the one after with the settings that worked failed to cut right through.

MDF is really good as creating tiny particulates that coat the lens, even with the air assist on and even  the silicone nozzle which i was surprised. I keep a bottle of alcohol handy (isocol) and cotton buds handy and pull the nozzle off pretty regularly, give it a quick wipe with a wetted cotton bud then wipe with the dry end and pop nozzle back on.

It is really good to get very familiar with realigning the nozzle as the slightest amount of being  it aligned affects the laser. I put a scrap piece of mdf on the bed, fire the laser at 8% and use z control to raise and lower laser head to make sure there is a nice circle of light around the fine dot of the laser. Just a small nudge/bump right at the tip of the nozzle is all that is needed for the fine adjustment of it.